Gradeable at the EdGrowth Summit

It’s been quiet over here at the Gradeable blog because last week Gradeable went to NYC for two days to attend a wonderful edtech conference called the EdGrowth Summit.

EdGrowth Summit

Here are our friends at @Recovend accepting first place honors in the pitch contest.  Nice job @KyleJudah.

We got to float our idea by a batch of amazing entrepreneurs who were in attendance.  We kicked it with Kickboard, Dreambox, eMantras, Mytonomy, and GatherEd.  Thanks for the great comments and feedback, guys!  We hope to stay in touch.

Speakers at the conference included leaders from Pearson, Educurious, Drexel University Online, B Lab, edX, McGraw-Hill, New Schools Venture Fund, Microsoft and Cengage.

Some thought provoking quotes from the conference, taken from our founder’s twitter feed:



We hope to be invited back next year!  What do you think?

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