Hello from Cambridge

We are battening down the hatches here in Cambridge as Nemo heads our way, so we thought it might be fun to post a little about Cambridge and the Beehive Collaborative, where Gradeable is based.

Did you know that Kendall Square has more startups per square foot than anywhere else in the world?  That’s why it’s so exciting to be based here.

And we love being part of the Beehive.  There’s always some fierce ping pong action going on, and some friends to play with.



Our designer extraordinaire Mikaila built us a custom, brand new desk this week.  She’s pretty talented with a drill.



Here’s us, hard at work….


At least six startups were formed out of last year’s graduating business school class and are based in here with us.  It’s awesome to be able to walk down the hall and pick the brains of someone who is working on a totally different problem (incredible gift-giving, diabetic foot ulcers, digital art, or at-home physical therapy).  It makes us laugh, keeps us sane and teaches us everything from how to be better ping-pong players to how to be better entrepreneurs.

We’re here as long as it lasts.  Long live the Hive!

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