Friday Bulletin Board

sleeping student

Prezi and Adobe join Obama’s ConnectED initiative

Prezi, the cloud-based presentation software, and Adobe are the latest technology companies to join President Barack Obama’s ConnectED Initiative to help the US education system better prepare students for technology-centered world. Prezi’s commitment will provide $100 million in Edu Pro licenses to hundreds of thousands of high schools and educators. Adobe is making over $300 million worth of free software available to teachers and students. ConnectED hopes to connect 99% of students to next-generation broadband and wireless technology within five years.

Evergreen State College’s alternative approach to assessments

The public liberal arts college in Washington has only one graduation requirement: “to think and write, over and over again throughout their college careers, about what they’ve learned.” The final iteration becomes the student’s resume, or context to their resume for future employers. The idea is to encourage students to take a good, hard look at why they’ve made the choices they have in their education, and assess what it all amounts to.

Teacher pranks sleeping student

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in class before? While most teacher would ignore the student or wake the student up, this teacher makes his case in a very viral way.

Have a great weekend, folks! Here’s to going viral!

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