Pi Day Bulletin Board

Oh March 14, how we love you. Not only is spring a week away, but you also represent arguably the most important irrational number in our lives, on the calendar. With pi, we can calculate circumference of a circle, graph sinusoidal functions, and even calculate the electric field between two electric charges! Today is the day when the math enthusiasts look up from their work to let their mathematical flags fly. What better way to kick off a weekend than rounding up some of the greatest pi tributes the internet has to offer?

Party like a math star

Today is your day to be irrational and to embrace your inner number lover. This is your day. Celebrate and calculate 22/7!
pi e card

Remember thy pi

Is your brain freezing up because you’ve topped your Pi Day pie with ice cream? Not to worry, here’s a great pneumonic device to remember the number out to seven decimal places. And now you’re thinking about coffee to go with your ice cream and pie…

remember pi

Save the date

Things are gonna get epic next year. Better start planning now, because you can’t be epic without pi.
epic pi

Pi in the sky

Warning, this video contains language not suitable for the classroom. One man is Austin, Texas gets a  surprise when some pi-loving pilots celebrate Pi Day.

Hap-Pi birthday to the greatest

To the man who made knowledge cool. Happy birthday, Albert Einstein. You’re still relative after all these years!

via @WorldSciFest

via @WorldSciFest

Thank you all for tuning in. I hope you have a great Pi Day and even better weekend! Take care, folks!

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