A Rap on Formative Assessments and Feedback

formative assessment feedback

Hey I’m here to talk
about the formative assessment.
Have you heard
about this worthwhile investment?

Formative assessments are
informal checks along the way.
Teachers use them
to make sure students don’t stray.

According to John Hattie,
feedback drives student achievement.
They are actionable steps
that students say are heaven-sent!

Some people confuse
feedback with advice.
Simply saying “try harder!”
is about as helpful as head lice.

In addition to being actionable,
feedback must be timely.
If you’re giving ways to improve after the test,
Students may as well be learning blindly.

Be sure not to confuse
feedback with evaluation.
“Good job” and letter grades
are not passports to the formative nation.

Students get engaged when
given goal-oriented information.
They are more likely
to use their imagination.

Don’t rely solely on
assessments that are summative.
One big test to measure
student learning is definitely doom-ative.

So who’s ready to start
giving feedback?
Students want to know
that you have their back!

Find out more about how we’ve got your back at www.gradeable.com.

3 thoughts on “A Rap on Formative Assessments and Feedback

  1. I found that poem most delightful. Ironically, your “ode” has educated and student-ified one of the most influential experts on language and sound: myself. In short, that rhyme is “phat.”

    -Dr. Dre

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