Teacher Appreciation Month: Teaching is All About the Little Things

teaching is alot little things

May at Gradeable is dedicated to teacher appreciation. As part of that month, we’ll be joining the #TEACHINGIS campaign to highlight the varied and wonderful world that is teaching. This is your time to shine and tell us about the little moments that make teaching so unique. We’d like to go beyond a big, generic thank you and spend some time recognizing the things teachers do each and every day.

I’ll go first. Teachers have been a life line for me. I am the person I am today because of the integrity and dedication of the men and women who get up in the morning to teach—and it has always been about the little things, that no one but a teacher and student would notice. Whether it was suggesting a book, or relating to my personal problems, or telling me not to ask questions before I tried to find the answer myself, the teachers in my life got me to see how big the world really is. My teachers, and there have been many, taught me how to think for myself.

The teaching trait that I’m most in awe of is the patience. No matter how many times a teacher is asked the same question, he or she answers as though you’re the first person who has inquired about it.  Me?  I get annoyed any time more than one person mentions the weather forecast to me. Teachers demonstrate this patience for student after student, class after class, and year after year—and still find ways to make that light bulb turn on.

Thankfully, all the teachers we encountered along the way did find a way to keep the light bulb on, for myself and everyone at Team Gradeable. Our company exists to help teachers and to make the learning experience even better than it was for us. And looking back, we realized that teaching isn’t a single action or activity or trait we can put our finger on. Teaching is a lot of little things that make up something much bigger than all of us.

What is teaching to you? Join our conversation for the month of May with your take on the wonderful world of teaching. There are plenty of ways to get a hold of us with what #TEACHINGIS to you:

As always, thank you teachers for all the ways you’ve shaped our lives.  Thank you for the little things.  We look forward to our month honoring you!

Find out how Gradeable is working to give back to teachers at www.gradeable.com.  

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