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Project-based learning 
This link talks about the difference between projects and project-based learning. Put simply: “Projects are about the product, while project-based learning is about the process.” Project-based learning is a concept in which students dig deeper into concepts, engage in feedback loops, and establish how all the small pieces relate to the overarching project. I appreciate this approach because it introduces the simultaneous, multi-dimensional tasks that drive successful projects in real life.

BYOD apps across platforms
One challenge of Bring Your Own Device classrooms is that activities planned around applications must accommodate operating systems across devices. Luckily, the techies out there put together this chart of comparable applications whether you’re using an Apple device, an Android, online tools, or software.

Flipped classrooms explained through the art of infographic
This graphic better articulates what I tried to say the other day about flipped classrooms. For those who are unfamiliar, flipped classrooms are when students introduce themselves to new material at home and do exercises, what was traditionally homework, in class. This graphic illustrates the stats, support, and benefits of doing, rather than just straight listening, in class.

Trials and tribulations of edtech: Introducing tech coaches
Technology is an expensive thing, and some schools are finding money for it when they don’t have money to take care of their teachers. One school in Wisconsin has moved $550,000 from their technology fund to pay team of people to coach teachers on how to use the iPads and SmartBoards in their classrooms. The decision had divided to school: While it’s good to ensure the effective use of technology in place, some teachers  haven’t gotten raises in years. What do you think? Is it commendable that the school is making use of technology funds already allocated instead of asking for more money? Should the school focus more on compensating their teachers? (62 of whom have resigned so far this year)?

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